27 September 2010

on wedding announcements.

Today I waited for an hour and a half in the line at the DMV.  Apparently, when you move every year, they forget to update your address, so you have to go down and wait. And wait. And wait a little longer.  Luckily, I had a sister with me, and if we had known that the other sister needed to go too, it could have been a family reunion. I mean, all we needed was the potato salad and fried chicken because we certainly had the time.  Next time, I'll take the office advice and go on a Tuesday.  I'm not a very good waiter because I'm not very patient.  Plus the extra time usually makes me think about all of the problems and lists I have. Today, all that waiting made me think about what's wrong with our society. First up: wedding announcements.

photo by Reena Bammi

Yesterday, I spent a long rainy Sunday afternoon flipping through the paper. I didn't learn very much, but I did read some wedding announcements. And found out who participated, what the bride wore, who the grandparents were, and where the couple will reside after the honeymoon. When did announcements become less about the couple and more about the state of who's still alive in the family and what the bride wore? (Seriously, I can't even link to any in the newspaper because they were so bad.)

photo by Reena Bammi

24 September 2010

a dilemma.

Ihave a secret. I love to read. There are not many places where you won't find a book stashed--in my purse, the car, in random places around the house. I am never without a book, and if I am, watch out.  Because that's when I feel the most crazy.  Usually, I'm reading two or three at a time, and sadly, a trip to the library lasts a week at the most--and that's with 10-12 books. (Case in point: I took 7 and bought 2 more when Sam and I went to Peter Island. I finished them all and had to settle for a magazine on the way back home.)

But lately, it's been less about what's inside the book, and more about the outsides.  I've never been a hardback kind of girl.  Basically, I'll pay full price for a hardback if I really want to read something--if it's all I can think about.  But usually, I wait for the paperback--in trade, no less. However, have you seen the Penguin Classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith?

via flickr

23 September 2010

Find of my life.

I am a blogging fiend this week. Chalk it up to a forced lack of creativity at work and a need to put all my thoughts somewhere. Sam started a new job this week, so he hasn't been able to listen to my nonstop chatter about what I saw and what I need and who kissed who on Gossip Girl. (I'm also pretty sure he doesn't care.) Although, he definitely reaped benefits from the cookies (see below).  Sidenote: have we talked about how he doesn't really like sweets? Back to my point, though, which is Baggu. Here's why you need them. First of all, I am of the firm belief that you can NEVER have enough bags. Secondly, I hate thinking about how much plastic we waste.  Third, I always forget my resuable bags.  Either I leave them in the car or I never put them back in the car after I use them once.  I guess I'm just a bad environmentalist.  However, since I have my Baggus, I almost never use plastic.  They're in a pouch in my purse, and I always have them with me. I get comments on them, and I love to show cashiers how strong they are: they never believe me. And the best part: they're super cute (I have the striped set of three). You can buy separately or in a sets of three / five. I also have the smaller ones--lunchbag style. They're pretty reasonably priced--and they're a perfect gift.  Plus, they have a flat shipping rate. And no, Baggu hasn't paid me anything for this (Although, Baggu, if you're listening, I really do love these bags--and just ordered more! ) So if you want to save the planet and be stylish, I recommend you rush to the website now and buy a bag. Believe me, the planet and your wallet will thank you.

22 September 2010

mmm, cookies.

I'm a chocolate girl--through and through. My favorite desserts almost always involve lots and lots of dark, bitter chocolate. But when a Friday afternoon blog favorite featured lemon sugar cookies, my mouth watered. Apparently, so did my co-workers--within minutes, an email circulated that said "if anyone wants to do any baking....these look delicious." 

Two batches later, I'm pretty sure this recipe is a keeper.  After just eight minutes, the cookies come out of the oven perfectly soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside.  They hold up quite well too. I think they could have used a little more lemon flavor, but I might be the only one.  Just so you know, they're delicately-flavored-with-lemon sugar cookies.  That's for all you lemon haters out there. Best of all, they're fast.  And homemade, which means you get to eat all the dough you want. 

I did try to use the homemade stamp, but they spread--a lot! 

Recipe here

Note: I zested two lemons for the first batch, and for the second, I zested two lemons and a lime, plus added all of the juice from one of the lemons. (See, I told you I wanted more of a lemon taste.) Sadly, they tasted about the same.

19 September 2010

parker's new trick

Coming at you with a video again, only if you're not my mom or grandma, you probably won't care about this at all. (I do have a post in the works.) Since I don't have a baby yet, I have to spend all my extra time on the dog(s). Parker learned a new trick this weekend.  I think she could probably pass any cotillion or social class--because like all good dogs, she can shake your hand.  However, she thinks it's "nice to meet you."

P learns a new trick from kristen fielder on Vimeo.

16 September 2010

we no speak americano on Thursdays.

Until this week, I've never wasted your time on videos. And now, I'm doing it again. But seriously, watch this. And like it. I've watched it twice since last night, and I still think it's so awesome that I'm going to watch it again.

13 September 2010

monday, monday.

I needed a little more than my coffee to wake me up this morning. It's been a long weekend; lots of highs, some lows, and a lot of football. (roll tide!) Due to a new set of tires (that would be the low) and a carpooling / work situation, I was at work at least an hour early.  So I set my pandora station to Outkast--which is usually failproof.  It didn't quite work. Then I found the following: if you're around me very often, you know I love to dance.  So hit play, turn the music up, tap your toes, and get your Monday started right!